Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summertime fun

I have a knight in shining armour. My camping trip lacked one very small.....important item.  A sewing machine needle.  ;)
Once my knight arrived.....needle in hand.....
I was able to sew cordoroy scraps together. This is my second camping quilt.  Using cordoroy and a flannel backing with NO batting makes the PERECT camping quilt!
I used lots of old cordoroy including a couple of old wrap around skirts. When were those popular?
Clothes at the thrift store make the most interesting quilts !

My trip is now perfect!
I was able to sew!

I've got about one more week of perfect weather, happy kids, and peaceful days.
Lots to be thankful for!


  1. What a dynamic-looking quilt, and you get bonus points for recycling. Corduroy makes great quilts.

  2. camping quilts.... perfect!!
    i was thinking the same - i need some picnic/beach quilts....
    as you said.... the top and bottom (no batting)
    easy to schlepp along, easy to wash..... perfection

  3. You took a sewing machine on a camping trip?

  4. My grandma used to take her machine camping - so cute. I love your idea of using thrifted corduroy!

  5. wow a flash from the past, I remember my corduroy jumpers and loving how soft they were. this is a great quilt love the colors! looks like your having fun making it and thats what is important!

  6. I was trying to think of a fairy tale-like parable that involves a knight, a damsel in distress & a sewing machine needle. So glad you were saved by yours!
    I have one corduroy & flannel quilt, probably one more than I need, but, boy, I love this one!
    Yep, wrap skirts, back in the 19?????s.

  7. I know someone who had a wrap around skirt in high school... in the 60s. Yah, yah that's a much older friend of mine, ah, yeah.

  8. That will be a terrific colorful camp quilt!!! - Sounds like the perfect weight. I love soft corduroy.
    Speaking of batting....(or lack of)... I haven't been able to find any good sales on rolls of it lately, any hints to where I'm missing?

  9. wow, I love your piecing and the colors! So attractive and lively. My first concern when I'm going on vacation is WHAT IS MY HANDWORK :) Haven't yet brought my machine along on vacation, but you're inspiring me!