Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A new friend

A new friend arrived this week.
I'm spending some time getting to know her as sew up little stars. ;)
It will take lots of little stars to make a quilt. 
Lots of time to get "Friendly" with my new to me machine.
I'm still trying to process the fact that my third child is now married!
Sewing will help my mind wrap around the fact that I'm not 20 something years old anymore and my kids are! :)


  1. Lovely bride & groom. I bet you & your husband were a handsome pair as well -- still inside!
    Your stars look like the perfect let's-get-acquainted project. How small are they?

  2. Welcoming a Featherweight home is always fun! I took a class on cleaning and maintaining mine and it was a great help. I see that yours has the Centennial seal on it. Also learned that some end plates are striated and others have a scroll pattern in the chrome. They're great little machines! Lovely wedding photo.

  3. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. I bet you are worn out after the wedding. Glad you have a new little black Featherweight to help you recover! Note of warning--watch out for that light bulb. It gets REALLY hot. I have burned myself, and I burned through a piece of fabric I was quilting when I walked away and the fabric was 'bunched' up under the machine arm.

  4. What a perfect couple. Our children do have a way of making us come to grips about our age. ;-(

    You are going to have fun with your new friend, Beth. She looks like a gem.

  5. well i think you're still 20 something,..
    oh my a new toy.....this is a good thing!!!
    lovely stars too..... i enjoy making them too
    sweet couple.... congratulations to them - and to you too!!

  6. beautiful photo of the bride and groom, love your new machine, what a treasure to own. The stars are great, I love making stars like this…

  7. I'm going to inherit one of those machines from my mom. It works oerfectly but I'm in no hurry.
    It is such a joy when you're children get married. Congrats. Beautiful couple.

  8. Beautiful machine!

  9. What a beautiful couple. I thought it would be hard to be without the kids, but they do call and visit...
    Love your "new" machine! and the stars you two are making. A wonderful match.

  10. What a happy happy day to have all the fine memories of the wedding and now a new-to-you Featherweight to play on! The stars are fun, keep up the good work!

  11. What a beautiful couple!!!! Blessings to them!
    and that little new partner in crime of yours is very nice are going to have lots of fun!

  12. LOL, Beth, I don't know if you ever wrap your brain around that. I feel the same way! What a beautiful couple! Best of luck with the cute little Featherweight!


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