Monday, June 2, 2014

Snowflake. Quilt along month 6

I finally chose a snowflake design to add to my christmas quilt!
I was inspired by this pillow.

I began with four 3" squares, one 1" square
and a strip of red (1")
You also need a strip of white (1") not in the photo

I added red strips to my little white square.
Make them a BIT longer.
Your 3" squares might grow just a little!

Make four diagonal cuts.

First make some red and white joined strips.
No measurements.SORRY.
I eyeballed them as I went.
First I joined a red and white strip...
then I laid it down on top of my 3" square
along that diagonal cut
and I trimmed the ends off...
leaving a generous "tail" to trim later.
Insert the strips into your white squares.


Add RED strips in the middle of the TOP two
and the BOTTOM two.
Red strips didn't make it into the photo!

here they are.
It should now look like this!
You can probably guess what to do next!

I made ONE snowflake this morning.
I'll make at least TWO more.
Then to decide How to place them!
On point???

Or not???
Probably will do a bit of both.
Looking forward to seeing YOUR snowflakes here!
I think there will be ONE more step to this quilt
and then....
It'll be time to sandwich and QUILT this thing!
We want it in time for the holidays...right???


  1. Nice snowflake... love that it's red!

  2. Forgot it was Monday today!!

  3. I like the detail of the little white square in the center.

  4. Love it! That will be a good addition!

  5. that's going to be so adorable when its finished cant wait to see!

  6. Those are perfect with it, Beth. It is really coming out so cute.

    Thanks for your comment too, Beth. You are coming up as a "no reply" blogger so I could not respond to you.

    1. Wish I understood why I'm coming up as no reply. I think Yahoo has done something "funny" with my blog account. Technology is so complicated!

  7. Done! Had to re-do a couple of seams,,,,but I made 3 in the end.

  8. Love this simple block! I can cross this one off the list for June. :)


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