Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FOURTH annual Neighborhood party!

It's that time again!
Time to celebrate this AWESOME neighborhood
I call "Blogland"!!!
It's a GREAT place to own property.
Getting the blog address is fairly easy.
Neighbors are friendly.
There are even some FAMOUS people
that "live" here!
It's a place to connect.
A place to make friends.
A place to SHARE!!!
If you're interested in CELEBRATING
All you need to do is construct one house block.
12 1/2" square.
Send the block to me.
I will group the houses into neighborhoods
and THEN....
I'll let Mr. random generator help me choose some winners!!!
The winners will receive
9-12 houses each...
Kind of depends on how many come in!

Here are the houses from three years ago....
(seems like yesterday!!)
all SPREAD out in my house!!!
If you'd like to play along,
leave a comment.
I will email you my address.
There are NO firm commitments here.
If you decide later NOT to sew a little house...
That's o.k.....Life happens..... ;)
Add your blog address (if you have one)
or your name on the front with a fabric pen.
That makes it fun for the winners!!!
Deadline for these houses is
JANUARY 1, 2014.
LOTS of time!!!
I'm excited!
This will be the best PARTY ever!!!!
I look forward to
CELEBRATING blogland with YOU!!!
Please include email address if you are
a no reply blogger,
if you have no blog...
or are unsure!
I'd love to hear from PAST winners
and post about the finished quilts
that have been constructed with blocks won here!
Wouldn't those be FUN to see???
If you'd like to include a SECOND house block
for a charity quilt....
send it along!
I'll be constructing some charity quilts
and giving them to my local guild.
This REALLY IS the BEST neighborhood.
Let's CELEBRATE together!

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