Monday, April 15, 2013

Home again

Just back from a weekend retreat.
I took an applique project with me and
was able to complete my FIRST block
of a new project!
Believe it or not...
I was ALL OUT of hand projects
and had to scurry around
to get this one packed up!
I CAN.NOT. leave home for a retreat,
doctor appointment
or car trip
without some HANDWORK!!!
I hope to make a few of these blocks.
Eventually....I'll have enough
for a quilt!

Had a wonderful time with daughter.

I was in charge of a simple craft.

Tinted jars with knobs.

We painted on the "tint"
(modgepodge and food coloring)

Spray painted the lids
and added knobs.
Very simple.
I came home to babysit this....

HAPPY face!

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