Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outside Living

Every year I'm on a little HUNT.
Looking here and there for fabric
(preferably free)
to cover the patio furniture.

We do a lot of living out here...
and the fabric just DOESN'T survive the summer.

This waiting was NOT in VAIN!

This flowery fabric used to be a bedspread!
It was given to me
I love IT!!!

I also had acquired some heavy TAN upholstery fabric
 for the back of the cushions.
Yeah!!!  ;)

I love sitting out here with a cup of coffee in the morning...
 talking with family in the evening.....

Living outside is great!
You even get to DRAW on the floor!!!


  1. That is a lovely fabric indeed! The flowers have kind of a rosemaling-ish quality.

  2. Beautiful! And sidewalk chalk is the best - I love coming home to a decorated sidewalk!

  3. A great fabric! And I love that they get so much use you have to recover them every year.
    Teresa x

  4. Wow! These are beautiful. You are very resourceful!

  5. Perfect Beth. Very clever! And happy! That's the best....

  6. Oh how nice Beth!! Me and my chair cushions is a constant battle! Either there's wind blowing or the sand is coming or a big ole thunderstorm at 1 am has you scrambling to retrieve them in your gown tail!!!

    I guess I can sit here and imagine I am YOU sitting in your lovely space!! LOVE the cushions!

  7. The cushions are really pretty! No one would ever guess it's former life.

  8. fabulous! I make a new pillow for my girlfriend's birthday every year for her outside furniture! They just don't last and she eagerly awaits it!

  9. That fabric is beautiful!! Isn't it great how things come to you when you put your wishes out there. I love drawing on the cement too!

  10. Beautiful fabric and what a cozy spot!

  11. such pretty fabric. it looks great


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