Saturday, May 26, 2012

Starry quilt: a collection

I live very close to a Veteran's Hospital.
During the next month I'd like to make a quilt or TWO to donate!

Would YOU like to help????

If you're interested please send me
a 12 1/2" UNFINISHED star...
ANY kind of star!!!
Using the colors:
blue, white, red or yellow.
ANY SHADE....print or solid....dark or light.
You know me....
I'm not fussy.

I made an OHIO STAR
If you don't want to have to think about
WHAT KIND of star to make...
YOU can make one like I DID!!!

 FOUR 4 1/2" squares using LIGHT fabric
ONE 4 1/2" square using Dark fabric

TWO 5 1/2" squares using Dark fabric.
ONE 5 1/2" square using light fabric.
ONE 5 1/2" square using medium fabric.

Using your 5 1/2" Squares
Lay ONE dark on a light
ONE dark on a medium.

Draw diagonal lines.

Sew on each side of line.

You will have TWO of these sets.
(PHOTO shows only ONE set)

Place one on top of the other other...
making sure that the DARK half is on OPPOSITE sides.

Draw a diagonal line on each set.

FOUR nice little hourglass blocks.

Trim them to 4 1/2".

Arrange like this.

Sew it together.

Your OHIO STAR should measure 12/ 1/2".

Let me know with a comment if you'd like to help.
I'll email back an address...
so that you can put some LOVE into our
*****STARRY***** quilt!!!

I will be collecting blocks until July 1, 2012
IF you are a no-reply blogger....
I WILL not be able to email you back. :/



  1. I'm in! I'm proudly wearing my poppy today to remember our veterans.

  2. I miss not being able to tell my Dad "thankyou". Send me that address please :-) I'd love to send a block.

  3. I've been sitting here "putzing" all day...doing this and that...finally you have given me a mission! I am starting some blocks now for you..please email me the


  4. I'm in!! I'm the proud daughter of 2 Marines (my mom was short timer; my dad a lifer), the wife of a Navy Corpsman, and the mother of a career Marine. Please send the

  5. I'll be happy to :0) send a block
    my 4 brother's are veterans
    my parents served in WWII
    my nephew is active in the Marines and his wife
    is in the in law retired from Marines,,,,
    should I go on?
    You are terrific Beth always giving.......
    I'd love to be part of your efforts.

    Happy Sewing

  6. Hey Beth,

    Good of you to do this. Count me in. Selina

  7. Hi Beth - I'd be happy to make a block to donate to the cause! Just let me know where to send it. o:)

  8. I would be happy to make a few Ohio Stars. What a great project! I have a few 8 1/2" orphan stars, so will add borders to make 12 1/2" and includes these.

  9. Nice tutorial Beth...
    i can't make any promises.....
    but i know the date.....
    and i have your address...

  10. I will send at least one block. Please send me your address.

  11. I would love to contribute. So generous of you!

  12. I will make a star... Just need your address!

  13. You are such a superstar! I just finished an Ohio Star for you. I'll pop it in the mail tomorrow.

  14. Yes-please email me the address. I have an abundance of those colors!

  15. So where is my address to send these blocks???????

  16. Wendiq: Since you are a no-reply blogger, I can't email my address back to you. Maybe if you go my can email me directly. I don't have your email address. :/

  17. I made an Ohio Star for your Starry Quilt! I live in Italy but I would like to partecipate in this good initiative! Please e-mail me the address! Thanks.

  18. Count me in! I'm currently working on a QOV and am up to my ears in hsts. :) I would love to make some star blocks for you. Our Marine son is currently deployed to Afghanistan.


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