Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa KNEW!

Santa knew what I didn't need this year!
He knew that I already have a sewing machine.
Actually...I have more than one!
He knew that I already have TONS of fabric.
He knew that my quilt books are ready to topple over.

He knew I needed this!!!
Something to help me clean up my sewing mess!!!
and to clean up after my little helper!!!
I believe it's toss up as to who the messy one is!!!
Is it me and my sewing droppings???
The Dog's hair that never DISAPPEARS??

Guess what I was doing on Christmas Day???
Trying out my new MACHINE!!! ;)
It worked.
The sewing thread came up!!....
and the dog hair was removed!!!
It'll come back though...won't it???
That's what I thought.
Housework is just never it???

I looked high and low for the post I wrote about
that quilt behind the vacuum cleaner.
I finally found it!!!
Talk about a needle in a haystack!!!


  1. what fun...i got a vacuum for christmas too!!! i was pleasantly surprised to find it beside the gifts and the tree. My husband sure knows how to thrill a girl, it was top of my list for ages! It is a shame that the work is never done!!!

  2. I don't know what I'm more excited about -- the vacuum cleaner or the quilt behind it! Thanks for adding the link to the previous post!

  3. When I was younger i would not want something I had to work with! ha! Now I love it. That is a great gift.

  4. oh wow! that IS a wonderful will enjoy that for sure!

  5. Beautiful quilt! And have fun with that new vacuum.

  6. Que legal, tanto sua maquina quanto seu cão.Muito fofo ele.Imagino que nem faz bagunça.kkkkkkk.Beijosssss


  7. Great vac. I have one too. Watch out for those long threads, they get wrapped around the brushes. Need to snip them now and then. The quilt is ab fab. Your dog is lovely. wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.


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