Thursday, June 25, 2009

pink and bright

I made these 2 quilts for co-workers who will be assigned to another position soon. They work with severly handicapped adults in a day program. The class I have been in as a substitute teacher is being closed and these 2 ladies are sad to say goodbye to students and are also wondering what the future holds for them.

This is one of those sad times that inspire me to ---- give them a quilt.

I asked, "What color would you like?"

One said, "colorful and bright".

The other one said, "Pink".

So, here are the quilts. Small and simple, but I hope can give them a little love and comfort as things in their lives change.


  1. You are a special person Beth.

  2. What a thoughtful thing to do for your co-workers! I'm sure they'll treasure these special gifts.

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