Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Too small?

Are some scraps just TOO small to save?

I don't think so. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was invited by the lovely Mrs. Moen to add a post to this wonderful blog hop. I think it all began with Debbie at A Quilters Table.

I googled "Around the World blog hop" and found LOTS of blogs participating and ran into so many exciting NEW-to-me blogs.  ;)

1. What I'm working on.

This week I will attempt to begin
attaching this hexagon quilt to a white border.
How will I do it????
That's what I've been asking myself!
I think I'm going to BASTE the edge onto the white border
with my machine....an inch or so away from the edge.
I will sit down and begin needleturning the edge under
ALL the way AROUND!
After that...
I'll remove the basting stitch.
This one is for my daughter and new son-in-law.
It's late.
What's new?
2. How is my work Different than others?
I'm not sure it is!
CRAZY quilts!
3. Why do I create?

Because I LOVE giving my quilts AWAY!
4. How does my process work?

I PILE up a BIG bunch of scraps...
and I sew them TOGETHER!!!
As simple as that.
I'd love for you to visit one of  MY favorite bloggers.....
She inspires me whenever she sits down at her sewing machine....
Picks up her knitting needles....
Pulls out her loom!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Sometimes it's fun to give yourself a challenge.
Today I gave myself the finish it up on Friday challenge. ;)
aka...crazy mom quilt link up and Sarah's whoop whoop link up on fridays.
I had lots of other things to do......
But challenges are FUN!

In my orphan drawer I had the borders shown here....thinking I'd use them column style in a baby quilt.
There they sat.

I made a nice big square and surrounded it with the long strips of pre-sewn scraps!

Happy scraps!
Yeah for a finish!

I also have a knitting project going and have learned something about myself.

I'm a quilter at heart.

Choosing just ONE yarn to make a sweater does NoT come easy. 
Throwing LOTS of scraps together does!

Anyone else have that problem?

I told my friend after yarn shopping recently that I really need PRACTICE buying yarn! 
Think hubby will go along with that one?
hAh hah!

I have a great knitting book I've been enjoying. She loves knitting like I love quilting. ;)

What a treasure of a book!

Have a great weekend friends! 
Maybe it will include sewing, knitting, reading......OR.....all three!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bags And more bags

I have lots of bags....
But it seems there's always a need for another one!
Hubby needed one for headphones he was traveling with.

I made a couple more......out of....
An old pair of pants.  ;)

Then I needed one for my morning walk.

This one is little and stretchy.
I tucked my phone inside and slung it over my shoulder with headphones attached.  I love listening to music while I walk! It's lightweight and comfortable!

For this little bag I used an old pair of leggings from daughter and some tshirt yarn.
Yes. I save things. Fabric things!
Don't you?
Here's the basket of tshirt yarn waiting for inspiration!

Then....this week....I went to the fabric store with my little helper.

We walked out with fabric from the movie frozen! And.....a bag was born!
I had entered the store to buy muslin. ;)
I think my helper is happy we bought something besides WHITE!

Monday, September 8, 2014

A celebration....of sorts

School is now in session.

Scraps can now come out to play!

I took two 2" strips a bit longer than 10".
Joined them and made some little 2" segments.

Laid them out right next to me......

Then I added lots of 2" squares.
I DO have a lot of those!

The red gives this quilt pizzazz.
Yeah for play time!
Inch by Inch....in other words....two inches by two inches...It'll ONE DAY be a QUILT.  ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little kitchen helpers


I used to crochet these little dishcloths before I learned to knit.  They are a great way to practice stitching!

Just wondering if my friends in blog land have a preference?

Do you like them knit?
Or crocheted?

I think I like mine knit!
I'm very tempted to UN-crochet the ones I have finished and RE-Do them with some knitting needles. 
Don't let me influence your vote!

I added a wooden spoon (decorated a bit with my wood burning tool) and am giving this to my neighbor for being a GOOD neighbor!
Just a little tiny something to say "thank you!"

Saturday, August 30, 2014


The last few days have been full!
Made a little bag at the very last minute for a friends birthday. That's when I usually get things done. ;)
The hand quilting didn't take very long at all and adds so much.

Worked on a knit dishcloth for my daughter as we drove all day for a short visit. Busy hands helped the miles go by.
She lives in a beautiful part of Northern California.
One highlight was a visit to a farm.

Lots of vegetables and flowers. Oh my ! I love country living!

I even snagged a recipe from my daughter's friend.

This Dutch oven recipe has me intrigued!
Gotta love fresh baked bread!