Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monday Making

It's always fun to make a gift for someone special.
It's JUST as much fun to see them USING IT!!!

Makes my heart sing!!!

I made this for my daughter's friend for a recent birthday.
I included a bookstore gift card.
I got to sew AND encourage reading at the same time!!
Yeah for that!

What are you making this week??
Maybe you completed something GREAT this weekend!!!

Link up and share.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kaleidoscope for baby

Here's my latest baby quilt.
I take a quilting class at the local adult school and
this is our latest project/pattern.
I take the class to keep my quilting skills SHARP!!

Let me tell you...
this kaleidoscope pattern quilt was a DOOZY!!!
Oh my goodness!
All those triangles...
All those points to match!!....
All those blocks to square up.....
(don't look too close!  LOL)

It is NOT a quilt pattern for the faint hearted.
I think foundation piecing would make it easier...
(for me)
It's done now!!!

I was able to use some fun fabrics on the back.
The cute zebra print came from a pillowcase found at the thrift store!!!

I know.
Crazy luck!

a striped binding is ALWAYS a great thing!!!
My striped fabric stash RARELY lets me down.

I've practiced my precision piecing.
ON to LOOSEY goosey improv!!!!
AND maybe some...
SCrappy HAPPY strips!!!

Happy quilting friends!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Giving little quilts away

I love giving quilts away...
EVEN when they're teeny tiny quilts
like these potholders.

My 2" scrap drawer gave me PLENTY of options
when I was making these little gifts.
It was hard to choose a color combo!!!

What are you up to this week??
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just for fun

Improvisational Quilt:
many scraps.
crazy colors.
lots of LINES.

After making a VERY large log cabin block...
I cut it into four pieces...
added some extra strips.
(should have taken a BEFORE photo
BEFORE cutting the large block up.)

Happy quilting!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Simple sewing

Nothing fancy.
Nothing original.
Just a little practical sewing.

Using up orphan blocks
and covering up some words.
I prefer the patchwork to the words.

I was inspired by one of my friends in blogland...

Thank you for the inspiration, friend!
She posted about HER project here.

On the first bag I used my Pinking shears to cut around the patchwork
and then just sewed it on.
(It was easier than pulling out my machine that has a zigzag stitch)
When was the last time YOU used pinking shears???
They don't get a chance to cut very often, do they???

In the second bag...I ironed the patchwork edge in and then sewed around that.

Both will hold up to shopping trips,
knitting projects,
trips to the library,
and various other errands.

I have too many bags...
and TOO many scraps.
This project connects the DOTS.

What are YOU making this week???

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Finish

Here's my newest finish.
A bright sting quilt.....TWIN size!

I pulled lots of bright happy colors.
The browns and DULL colored scraps are still in the basket.
They didn't get to play in this quilt.

I love scrappy quilts.
Don't you???

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

String quilt

I am in the midst of a STRING quilt.
Very satisfying WORK!!
It is work and play ALL wrapped up together in ONE
and I LOVE it.

After pulling this block out of the orphan box Monday
and wondering what color to make NEXT.....
I knew (Within 2 minutes)
that my blocks needed to be
I KNEW I had enough scraps for this one!

I was so excited after making block #1...
I kept sewing.
Sue asked for my block info...
so I'm adding it here today.

My squares are 6" x 6"
After sewing strings together....

I trimmed and pressed.
You need FOUR of these 6" squares for each block.
For the corner triangles..
I used one piece of 7"x7" phone book page
(If you're careful with that 1/4" seam
I'm sure you could do it with 6 1/2" as well...
but I like some "Elbow room")
I paper pieced the strings
beginning in the niddle and pressed as I added strips.

When the paper was full....

I turned it over....
Trimmed along the edge of the paper....

and removed the paper backing.

I cut a 7"x7" muslin square
and cut that diagnally as well.

I sewed a string triangle and a muslin triangle together
then I had to trim ONCE more
to make the square 6" x 6".
Each block needs FOUR of these half square triangles.

I now have this beautiful set of blocks
GLOWING on my sewing room floor.
Initially I thought I would add muslin sashing
around/between each block.....
I'm going to let it GLOW a bit longer
and see if this quilt helps me DECIDE!
I kind of like them ALL close together.
Happy sewing!