Sunday, August 9, 2020

Monday Making

I love this quilt top.
The colors are some of my favorites!

The mix of colors was inspired by the leaf in the bottom center.
Taking a fabric with many colors and repeating those colors in the quilt is one of my GO TO ways of choosing the fabrics for scrappy quilts!

Here is the simple block that got it all started.
The nine patches sort of float between the leaves
And I like that too!!

I added a little tutorial on my youtube channel if you’re interested.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. Love your falling leaves! It's a fun pattern to use up a few scraps.

  2. I love your maple leaves, Beth! So timely, too -- Fall will be here before we know it!

  3. Fun to see and hear you on YouTube! The alternate blocks -- puss in the corner? -- add a nice difference to the design.

  4. I love this! Those are the colors that I am most comfortable with too.

  5. Hi Beth, that is a great quilt. I love the print that you used to match things to. That's a great idea.

  6. Not just because I'm Canadian, but do love this leaf block. That's a great idea to pick a fabric and match up from there. It's going to be a wonderful quilt, Beth.

  7. Oh wow do I love those leaves! The quilt is beautiful!

  8. Love your quilt top so much! It has a wonderful look and vibe. Trying to figure out what makes it so special and I think you're right, it's the color repeats. So sweet!


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