Sunday, August 16, 2020

Monday Making

It was a good week.
I was able to get some patchwork cushions/pillows made.
I love the soft palette!
Those decorator fabric samples stashed away came in VERY handy!

I also did a little charity sewing.
It is SO satisfying AND peaceful to sew for others.
Sewing squares takes next to NO brain power.  Hahah
It always puts me in a better mood.

I’ve added videos to my YouTube channel this week for both of these projects.
Much like the youtube channel gives me a chance 
To sew with friends around the world!
I love it.

Link up and share what YOU are making!


  1. Those pillows came out great, Beth, and what a fabulous way to use up those memo samples! I actually have a ton of samples like that squirreled away from my interior design days. Technically, we're supposed to return them to the vendor when we're finished using them for a client's project, but some fabrics were just too scrumptious to give up and the sales reps encouraged me to keep them handy in my office if I thought I might use them again on another project. Now that I'm out of that business, I just take those memo samples out and pet them every once in awhile... Your pillows are tempting!!

  2. I am contemplating making cushions (or new cushion covers) for a chair. I'll watch your video to see how you went about it. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. very nice pillows...that professional decorator look!

  4. Very pretty pillows! Mindless sewing is great stress reduction. Hopefully you are starting the week in a much better mood.

  5. Those chairs look so pretty with the pillows on them.

  6. The pillows look great on the chairs. I really like the variety of fabrics you are using for the squares. So much energy!

  7. Your pillows look so elegant and comfy! What a nice place to sit!


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