Thursday, January 17, 2013


I've been struggling to make a decision!
I have a number of people coming SATURDAY
to help make quilt blocks for the high school seniors
at my church.
I needed to plan an EASY quilt block
for the girls quilts.
That OLD quilt in yesterday's post was the ANSWER!
I simplified the quilt block and setting.
MAde the blocks REALLY big....
I got going and ALMOST made a WHOLE quilt!!!!
Better stop and let others have some fun too....right?
Can anyone remind me what this quilt block is called??
I bet it has 9 patch in the name! ;)


  1. A classic and very lovable block. Good choice!

  2. Recently, in a quilt magazine, a nine block quilt of this design was featured. It looks so cool in a big scale! The name may be Kansas Dugout, but maybe not :-/

  3. I've got a pile of those going too. Is one name a Shoofly block?

  4. Haha, That's not surprising that you nearly finished the quilt top yourself!! :) Looking forward to trying this on Saturday!

  5. Lovely blocks! Size? Great idea for the seniors. Another name - Wishing Ring (?), or a variation of it.

  6. Looks like there are 2 different variations of the shoo-fly block, but this is one of them! Saw how someone (in google images) made a huge block from it, gonna have to go try it today! :)

  7. This is great! I like how you simplified this. Loved the other quilt, but would not spend time on the Y-seams as you noted. I think this is called Kansas Dugout. You could check the Quilt Index... type in Kansas Dugout and the images come up. Think I'll go do that right now myself.

  8. By the way, the Quilt Index is .org if you decide to go there. A wonderful resource of images and all sort of interesting quilt info.

  9. This quilt may look great with some sashing, and make an even bigger, easier quilt for your group to make? This is a nice variation?

  10. Not sure of the name but it certainly makes a lovely quilt!!

  11. I know this as the Wishing Ring - was popular old block for wedding quilts and the maker would embroidery their name, scripture, or well wishes in the centers.

  12. I have a top made of these blocks from a few years ago, you are inspiring me to finally quilt it! Looks great!

  13. I knew you would figure out an easier way to make this quilt. I love it. I think Nancy is right. The name is Kansas city dugout. Hugs

  14. I really like this block... simple but striking!!! You have given me an idea too! Thanks! Oh and have fun with the girls!!

  15. I am making this exact quilt. I am using a pattern by Carrie Nelson called "Blue Skies", though I am assembling my pieces differently than her pattern calls for and different than how you are piecing your block. It is a fun and easy quilt to put together. My quilt is going to be a QOV. Enjoy your time quilting with friends.


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