Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a Party!


 I dug around here for some yarn.
I had so many GREAT color suggestions from
But....I had no yellow...
I had no red.....
THIS is what I have!

Vicki also suggested buttons.
I decided they weren't cuddly enough.
She DID get me thinking!
I knew I didn't want buttons...
but maybe some felt circles under the ties???
I tried some out and decided against them.
Maybe if the quilt needed some PEP I'd add them.
this one doesn't need ANY pep!
It's vibrant ALL BY itself!

I plan to take this along with me this week....
Everywhere I go!
It'll be a tie party ALL WEEK LONG!

First up will be the Senior lunch tomorrow.
Maybe they'll put a few ties in!
I'll take it to my quilt class Wednesday.
I'm hoping to get love knots from ALL my friends.

While I was digging around for yarn I found this.
My daughter made this LONG ago and never finished it.
Do you like Giving LIFE to these UFO's as much as I do???

Since I can't knit...
I'd love for someone to give this little guy/girl a future!!!
Any takers????
Tell me what you'll do with it...
and I'll have my daughter pick a number tomorrow.
I'd hate for this little doll to waste away in my yarn bag!


  1. Good luck with your tying! I would embroider the parts on the little knit dolly and use it to teach (eyes, nose, mouth etc.) to my granddaughter! It's so cute!

  2. I think you should applique it on the back of one of your daughters quilts.

  3. Love the Fiesta Party ties on the quilt and the thought of all your friends giving you love knots.

  4. That is how I quilted (by tying) for many years. Looks great Beth.

  5. Wish I were close enough to put some love ties in! Unfortunately, I don't knit (yet) so I can't help that little cutie find a home.

  6. I don't like buttons on a child's quilt - too afraid they will chew off and swallow. Love the yarn choice for tieing!

  7. Your ties are looking great! I love your idea of letting everyone have a part. Your daughter's little knitted doll is so cute. I think I'd have to put it in a frame and/or a quilt for her.

  8. One of my grandmother's tied all her quilts. Just what she did. I made a few flannel quilt/blankets years ago and tied them.
    I like the yarn you used. Nice touch. Colorful quilt.
    I think the little guy would look nice sewed onto one of your quilts for a grandchild :D

  9. Love your vibrant corduroy quilt!
    I think it would be sweet to applique the knit doll onto a background for a pillow or wallhanging. Give her a dress and a a face, maybe a yo-yo flower bouquet? Then let her live in your new granddaughter's room!


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