Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Going round in Circles.....

Singing along with Billy Preston....

I can't get the song OUT of my head!
It IS a catchy tune......
Don't you think?
Wondering WHAT song I'd be singing if I were quilting
 long LINES.

I'm using some NEON green to quilt this one.
Never thought it would BLEND in so nicely.

My goal of ONE donation quilt a month is almost a
Woo Hoo!

You're the winner of the little unfinished,
Make her a HAPPY doll....o.k.?


  1. Oh My! Thank you so much!!! I have a plan for your daughter's sweet little knitted doll :D

  2. I think your desire to donate a quilt is wonderful, as they are truly gifts of love.
    Love the quilting circles of neon green thread :D

  3. I love those circles! I'm handquilting in circles right now, but mine aren't as close together as yours. I like yours better.

  4. Would love to see you rockin' out while quilting. YOu sew girl!


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