Sunday, September 27, 2020

Monday Making

What do YOU pack when traveling?
I always want my “sewing room” with me...
So I usually pack a machine if at ALL possible.

This little featherweight...
Even though it is NOT light as a feather,
Is my favorite machine to travel with.

It’s such a simple machine.

I have this older roller bag that my machine case fits into perfectly.
I think I bought it at a thrift store many moons ago.

Setting up a sewing room when I’m traveling is pretty high on my list of
Traveling essentials.
Especially if I’ll be in ONE place for a while.

How about you??
What are YOU making this week?


  1. Safe travels! Enjoy your sewing time.

  2. I packed up all my stuff and brought it to the back of beyond in Colorado. Haven't broken it out yet, too cold for outside, not much room inside a camper! LOL

  3. How fun to take our sewing room with us! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this! Great minds think alike! Thank you so much for sharing your video!

  4. Hope you find some time to use your machine while you are on the road.

  5. I've done the same thing, although I never seem to spend as much time sewing as I'd planned. Hope you have a good trip and get plenty of stitching time too.!

  6. I take my sewing room with me too. I found that I need to have everything ready to take with me, so it stays in my rolling carts. I even have the luxury of going with DH to casinos and setting up in the room and sewing all day long, with breaks for food. LOL

  7. Definitely. I have a box of supplies for my Featherweight. It contains all the notions I might need. I generally precut a quilt to cut down on what i would need to take and make it easier to just sew. Enjoy your travels.

  8. They do make great travel machines. Have a fun trip.

  9. I've only taken my SM to a few QOV quilt-in days and to Dad's apartment to swap hooks to snaps on his pants (too far to take the pants home to do). I guess on "vacations" we don't usually stay the same place more than one night and I'm too darned tired and cranky to sew anyway, not to mention already have so much crap to haul to-from the car. If I do take anything to work on, it's usually a simple needlework project that fits in my bag.

  10. I had such a pang of envy when I saw your post, Beth. It made me realize how LONG it has been since I've been able to pack up my machine and get together with my quilting friends in person! We've been doing Zoom instead out of an abundance of caution for group members who are in the At Risk category, but it's just not the same as sewing with your girlfriends in person!

    So... The Featherweight machine itself is MUCH lighter than the weight of the Featherweight when it's packed into that heavy wooden case. I store my wooden cases separately, with those little dessicant packs that come in a box of new shoes and/or baking soda or air freshener inside that I change out periodically. And I bought a padded canvas carrying case for my featherweight machine that was inexpensive, fits perfectly, and makes the machine so much easier to pack and carry without needing a trolley. I added an embroidered monogram with gold scrollwork similar to the decals on the Featherweight machine and red initials similar to the red Singer logo. You can see that bag in this post: Second thing, and this one I just got very recently but it's FABULOUS -- Like you, I like to piece with crosswound spools on my FW, especially Aurifil, but the FW vertical spool pin design originated when all thread came on stack wound spools. The Featherweight Shop has the cutest little horizontal spool pin converter that just slides onto the original vertical pin so your crosswound spools will feed more smoothly without that jerk-spin-jerk-spin thing happening. I saw it on one of my friend's machines in our zoom sew-in and had to get one for myself: Anyway, wherever you're headed with your "portable sewing room," I wish you safe travels and a million happy stitches!

  11. Hi,
    Great items to take on a trip. I don't travel very far, but when going to an appointment, I always take a block to work on, as I've always got some thing going..have a great day!

  12. Wow you are travelling with a sewing machine!! Now I am envious. Have fun on your travels.


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