Sunday, January 12, 2020

Monday Making

My sewing table has been busy!

I am trying to get ALL the 10 or 12 table mats made
(for an upcoming retreat)
before some other deadlines appear.

This hourglass mat is almost DONE!
The little squares are all 2" before sewing them together!

And IF you want to know what trimming them all looks like....
Take a peak here------

I have been happily using a handmade bag
my daughter made me for Christmas!

I'm a proud mama of a MAKER!

My son....
NOT "much" of a maker
gave me an instant pot.

Guess I'LL be MAKING!!!
What do YOU make in your instant pot??

What are you making this week??
Link up and share.


  1. Cute mats! I understand the thrill of having a daughter who joins in our crafting. My daughter was churning out coasters for awhile and then stopped. I hope she picks up quilting one day.

    My favorite thing to make in my instant pot is probably roast beef. A frozen roast will be cooked tender and delicious in no time at all. It always amazes me.

  2. Your hourglass piece is so pretty
    I don't own an instant pot...mostly we o crock pot cooking...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. I did 6 pounds of pork butt for carnitas in 50 minutes (after pressure) and the meat just fell apart, so delicious. Also did potato soup for New Years Day and held it on Keep Warm for 5 hours for a party with no sticking. Still have a problem with recipes for two people, though.

  4. I got an Instant Pot when our kitchen was being remodeled. I haven't used it much since the stove was hooked up again. I did try pot roast, using the saute feature to brown the meat, and it turned out really well. I have also tried steel cut oatmeal, my husband's breakfast food of choice, but it wasn't as good as when I make a pot on the stove.

  5. I am making wedding toppers, toddler sweaters, and BOMs. I love that current topper!! The pops of bright color is whimsical!

  6. You will love your instant pot! My friend got me one for Christmas and I have tried it out a few times. My favorites were chicken noodle soup and a wonderful onion soup chicken I found on youtube.

    Your new purse is adorable. I would be proud to use it too!

    Those pieces look pretty small that you are putting together hour glass style.

  7. That black and orange topper is pretty cool. It would be a great Halloween topper or would fit perfectly in the decor of a Oregon State or Oklahoma State football fan.

  8. Love my IP. I cook soups, stew, chili and sweet potatoes in it so far. I'm looking forward to making ribs in it as well! If you are on Facebook, this is the best group I have found for IP: So many recipes, including cheese cake!!!

  9. I put a pork loin in the instant pot for 65 minutes and it comes out tender as can be. Have also done turkey stock broth from the carcass at Thanksgiving, boiled eggs, rice, stew etc - just don't cook stew & chili too long or it gets mushy

  10. I have been known to trim a few HST's at a time...I honestly don't mind doing it! Your mats are going to be amazing and well received!

  11. Lovely bag your daughter made. I've never used an Instapot. Is it a crock pot?

  12. I love the pops of orange in your hourglass quilt. The instant pot is a game changer. I make a lot of beans in mine. It’s so quick, and you don’t have to watch the pot.

  13. Love those little pops of orange!

  14. Gorgeous tablemats and I love the bag your daughter made for you.
    I've never heard of an instant pot here is Australia - is it a pressure cooker? I shall go and google :)

    1. Yes. The instant pot is a pressure cooker and quite popular in these parts.

  15. Cute table mats! I am working on the appliqué border of the Buhl and trying to figure out how to make a tote bag.....


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