Sunday, June 2, 2019

Monday Making

I am going to be a grandma again...
times THREE!!

One daughter is expecting twins..
and my other grown daughter is expecting a baby.

The due dates are
Within ONE DAY of each other.
CRAZY *** crazy *** Grandma feelings over here!

The quilt above is, of course,  helping me with all the  feelings.
Happy feelings and anxious feelings.
How in the world will I be able to BE THERE when
one girl is in Texas and one girl is an hour away?
One row of happy scraps at a time.
Sewing my feelings out!!! 
Isn't that what we quilters DO?

I began at the top of this quilt with stars..
Made some houses with kids and chickens inside.
You have to have a hen house...right?

Then some simple, trucks and rvs.

Boats and fish.
And don't forget the helicopter up top!!

The slow going part of this quilt are all those tiny squares!
They are 1 1/2" unfinished.

I"m going one row at a time without a firm PLAN...
So I'm finding the squares run out faster than I expect!
Ha ha ha.

Since this one is the for the twins...
I'll have get to make another.
My UN-firm plan is to make another similar, but not exactly the same.
After all...
I don't think I have all of the same SCRAPS!

I am really trying to USE WHAT I HAVE
and not go shopping.

We'll see how that goes.

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Tried to link up but kept getting an error when cropping or even choosing an image.

  2. Congratulations!! What a cute celebratory quilt :)


  3. Congrats, Grandma! what a windfall!

  4. Beth, what a wonderful basket of news :-) Congratulations to you and all the family. Your quilt is a perfect way to start my week - with a big smile :-)

  5. Congrats x2!!! ;))) I LOVE your free form baby quilt--so cute...nice work your heart must be going pitty-pat with this news...hugs, Julierose

  6. Clever fussy cutting ....congrats on the big news!!

  7. Oh my goodness - CONGRATULATIONS Grandma!!! How very exciting!
    Love love love your quilt - it's just too cute!

  8. Congratulations! Three in one time, wow, you are going to be busy ;)

  9. Congratulations! How fun! I am at my son and daughter-in-law's house to help with their sons while they go in tomorrow for their 3rd baby. Another boy! Grandchildren are the best!

  10. Congratulations!!! What great news . . . this will keep your quilting juices flowing. Baby quilts are so much fun to make. Cheerful colors and designs . . . happy, happy, happy.
    Have a great day, Grandma, I envision that you are smiling form ear to ear:)

  11. Congratulations! Three...That is so very exciting!

  12. Congratulations! What exciting news! Love the quilt, I love nautical quilts!

  13. Congratulations on the new additions to the family. How very, very fun!

  14. Jackpot!!! Super congrats!!! Too much fun and love!!!

  15. Congratulations Beth and good luck to you and your daughters. The quilt is gorgeous! Keep quilting out those feelings :-)

  16. Congrats Grammie! A fun quilt. If you need some scraps let me know. I may be able to help you out.

  17. Congratulations on the three babies on their way!! Wow. I love the quilt so far. It is so playful and fun!

  18. Yea for more grands. You will be kept really busy! Love the quilt beginning.

  19. Congrats!! and how fun and how crazy!! Just move Texas (your Texas girl - not the whole state) to your house - and then they will only be one hour away from each other - ha ha ha - I am sure that would work right????

  20. Wow! busy time! Congrats to all, hope everything comes out all right! (oops been reading too many Funs and Puns on facebook!)

  21. Congrats on some awesome news! The quilts for the twins are going to be so fun for them!


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