Sunday, April 21, 2019

Monday Making

I was very happy to have time in the sewing room this week.
This scrappy quilt top was almost done when I realized it was going to be 
TOO short!
(my daughter needs a longer quilt this time!)

I added blocks to the bottom and top 
and it really changed the look of the whole quilt.
I thought there would be Triangles all around...
Now there are scrappy squares on the bottom and top!

As I've said before...
Necessity is the mother of invention...or design in this case.

I wasn't sure how I'd lengthen this one...
But I DO like what HAPPENED!!!
I also did some harvesting.....

and roasting.
There is nothing quite like HOME grown!

As the week progressed I saw a quilt block I couldn't resist.
Kathleen Tracy's quilt blocks had me intrigued...
so I made a few.
(I did not use her pattern, but did a little figuring on my own.
You'll see my leaves are not quite like hers
and I think my blocks may be smaller.)

A new baby quilt is now underway!!!!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. I love your borders too, it's a very great addition. Love your flower blocks, it's going to be a sweet baby quilt!

  2. Sometimes necessity provides some unique design opportunities. Love the Border additions. It's a very bright and happy quilt.

  3. Wonderful way to add length to that quilt!

    I'm jealous of garden veggies. I just planted beet and carrot seeds outside and started brussel sprout seeds inside. The brussel sprouts here don't get harvested until fall. Only thing we have harvested so far is asparagus. Next will probably be rhubarb.

    I like those flower blocks. Looks like 1/3 of a Carolina Lily or 3/4 of a Sawtooth Star that sprouted stem and leaves. They are so cute in those happy fabrics.

  4. I look forward to visiting your blog every Monday Morning--I love the peonies...really pretty...hugs, Julierose

  5. I really like that floral block -- do I see that you did appliqué for the leaves? Okay if I copy your idea?

  6. Both quilt and blocks are so bright and springy looking! I can't imagine home grown veggies yet. We've had a very cold (for us) and wet winter. We're looking forward to several days of warmth with NO RAIN. (we're totally sick of all the rain we've gotten over the last many months!) Have a quilty week.

  7. Clever way to lengthen your quilt. I really like that border treatment.

  8. Great quilt for your daughter. Never would know it was a just by chance design. Oh, and I love your new green machine. Congrats on its acquisition. Enjoy it to the max.

  9. Your little blossoms are sew sweet!

  10. Love your cute blossom blocks! The scrapquilt is also very beautiful.

  11. Love those flowers and they look easy to make. Thanks for posting.


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