Sunday, February 18, 2018

Monday Making

I have been making small quilts.
Little TABLE mats.

I will quilt them eventually
and then they'll be used at a retreat auction.

I'm having fun.
Choosing color and themes as I go!
I've also been asking friends and family for ideas.
My daughter-in-law chose the color palette for that first one.

I have also been working in the kitchen.
Trying to USE the produce that is either given to us...

Or from the harvest in my husband's garden.

The radishes were VERY plentiful this year!!
I've been cooking the greens....
and giving the excess radishes away.

How many radishes can YOU eat???

Don't want any FOOD or FABRIC to go to waste over here!!!

What are YOU making???


  1. Yummy! I LOVE radishes!! And that black with the bright colors is really cute!!

  2. I also really like that black with the bright colors! It caught my eye right away - as did all that produce! Yum! This week I'm working on my 2nd Tumbling Block as well as some Covered in Love blocks. I wonder and hope I'll have time to cut out some Comfort Dolls and join some crocheted squares! Have a great week!

  3. I don't care for radishes and rarely eat them - you cook radish greens? I have never heard of that

  4. I think canning is as comforting as quilting making, though just as messy. One daughter loves to trek through fields and woods looking for wild berries, and took on the jam making a few years ago. It was a blessing to me to watch her learn to enjoy something I'd done for years, and also gave me more time to sew.

    I do have to ask one question. We generally just eat the radish roots here. The flea beetles tend to munch the leaves here so it was never a question of eating them, but how do you serve them? Cooked or raw in salads? I'm always after a new source of greens, and they are plentiful if not a bit holey. Thank you!

    1. I take the radish greens and saute them. They cook similar to spinach, but have a stronger taste. They are FULL of vitamins!!

  5. Very pretty table toppers. There's quite a contrast between those two. A few radishes go a long ways. Hope you've been able to tame the garden overflow.

  6. Your small quilts, esp. the first one, remind me of this month's Block Lotto. Lovely jam jars!

  7. Orange marmalade? YUM! Never made it but I love it.

  8. Love the mini quilts!! That first one is adorable.

  9. LOVE your small quilts. So.... why do you cook the radish greens and how do you eat them? THis is a new thing to me - and wow - what a harvest

  10. Have you roasted the radishes? I just heard about this a couple of weeks ago and found I really liked them. Low carb, low cal, and tasty. More like potatoes in texture and taste. Love your quilts!

  11. Your table mats are great. I'm not sure which I like more, the bold colors of the first are so rich, but I love the hidden design in the second.

    How did you get a reply button under each comment here? I JUST posted on my blog that this is a problem with blogger and yet you have it here.

    And what are you canning there? It looks yummy. Are radish greens bitter? I'm not a fan of raw radish.

  12. That's a whole lot of little triangles in both of those mats. But, they are lovely. I've been trying to have a mat or table runner for all the holiday and seasons. Hum, one bunch of radishes would work for a while here. Sorry, cooked greens are just not my thing. But I like to think that I leave more for you to enjoy!

  13. The table mats are wonderful. What a great way to make things on a smaller scale. I would eat the radishes and throw the greens away! :)

  14. Orange marmalade (sp?)? We've just been given alot. The only thing is my husband only eats grape jelly. Any other ideas for me? Thanks

  15. Love your little quilts.
    You can fry radishes in butter, Mrs Dash, garlic, etc.
    You can toss them with olive oil, crushed garlic, salt and pepper, roast them in the oven. Many YouTube videos. No longer taste like radishes. Yummy.

  16. Your black quilt is beautiful the colors are outstanding.


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