Sunday, November 5, 2017

Monday Making

Hand me downs.
Little baggies of scraps.
Someone else's leftovers.

These are the kinds of things
I LOVE to inherit.
They catch my creative interest!

I don't know why they appeal to me MORE
 than a brand new BOLT of fabric.
Who knows.

These little half square triangles were leftovers
from someone's quilt project.
They are the BEGINNING of MY project!!

I wonder what they are leftover from...?
I will enjoy figuring out
WHERE we will GO together
on another QUILTING journey.

I also LOVE having little leftover balls of yarn handy.

That mellow yellow up on top of this little vest
sure came in HANDY when I ran out of the colorful yarn!

AND look!
It's the perfect match!

Whether it's leftover fabric
to BEGIN a project...
or leftover yarn
to END a project.

I am HAPPY to use them BOTH!
What are YOU making this week???


  1. Looks like you planned that little jumper that way. Very cute. Enjoy playing with your new puzzle pieces, looking forward to seeing what they inspire.

  2. Cute little baby sweater. I love the subtle blocks too.

  3. Hi Beth, your jumper is adorable. I also like to work with little left-over blocks - I just find that there is less stress than starting a whole new quilt!

  4. the little jumper is so sweet...

  5. Wonderful little vest. Darn, it's only for newborns. I think Theo would love it! (Or at least his parents!)

  6. Yes, new bolts of fabric bore me. I want the scraps, the unloved leftovers - I feel so strongly that I can give them a new life if I just put them with the right things! I also think that, creatively, it's much more interesting to have to work with scraps, especially scraps that are GIVEN to you, instead of picking out the "perfect" fabric at the store. Limits help creativity!

  7. And I forgot to say that I love your patchwork and that darling little vest :)

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  9. I love how you use all kinds of scrappy goodness to loving create beauty! You inspire me!


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