Friday, January 15, 2016

A beginning

Each Year I make a few of these table toppers
for an auction.
They always find GOOD homes
and it's so nice to give LIFE to orphan blocks. orphans will be ALL used up...
but I suspect that day is VERY FAR away!!!

I always need to do some TWEAKING
as I make these little table QUILTS.

This  one (my first this year)
only needed a simple border with cornerstones.
Others need more complex additions
and my brain is BUSY as I work it all out.
my sewing room is a battle ZONE as I dig around
for the RIGHT fabric!!!

It might be EASIER to start from SCRATCH
and follow some kind of pattern.

You know me..


  1. Really pretty. And I know what you mean - I really do try to use it all up. But it's a never-ending project. ;)

  2. It's such fun to go burrowing through all the fabrics and scraps. And I usually find things that I don't even remember buying; lost treasures are found! Your table topper sure is pretty!

  3. love seeing your little table toppers. I have many blocks I should be doing the same with. hmmmm........ where is that tote of scraps?

  4. Oh, Loving your tabled toppers! Beautiful.

  5. I love 9 patch. I have this design in my to-do list to make as a big quilt. Love the yellow and green in yours. It's like a promise that Spring will be back ... someday. ;^)

  6. But the easy way isn't always the best way. This is so gorgeous, glad you gave it new life, easy or not.

  7. Oh how I relate to the quilt studio being a battle zone! How great to put orphan blocks to good uses. It looks super.

  8. What a great way to use up those orphans! My sewing room is a disaster too, but since I have 3 teenagers asleep in the living room I can't clean downstairs, so the sewing room is up in the queue this morning.

  9. Love your orphan block! Received McCall's Quilting today and found your featured baby quilt. A job well done. Congratulations!


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