Monday, November 10, 2014


I'm beginning a new project today.
This is a quilt project I do every year!

I organize an effort to give
Quilts to all the high school graduates
that attend my church.

I'm starting early.
It's in my MIND...
so I have to get it OUT!!!

This is the block for this year.
A shoo fly variation using SHIRTS!
I think it will make some nice masculine quilts!

Here's a little how to...

Cutting info:

Light fabric - left - 
TWO 4 1/2" squares
strip cut 2" wide.  (17" long)
I had to cut two since I'm using shirts
and the sleeves were not long enough.

Dark fabric - center of photo -
TWO 4 1/2" squares
strip cut 1 1/2" wide (17" long)

Medium fabric - Right side (red)
ONE 4" square
strip cut 1 1/2" wide (17" long)

Lay DARK and LIGHT squares ( 4 1/2")
right sides together.
Draw diagonal line through the middle.

Sew seams on BOTH sides of line.

Cut apart.

Trim blocks to 4" (square up)

Sew strips together.

Cut into FOUR 4" segments

Sew together.

block should measure 11"

Trying to keep it REAL. 

This photo shows some blocks
where I SWITCHED the 
LIGHT and DARK from pattern instructions above.

I like the variation it gives!!!

I hope to make a few of these quilts for the graduates
and IF I have more blocks
I'll make some more charity quilts 
for the local hospital chaplain
who ALWAYS needs

Are you interested in sending a block or two?
I'd love to add a little BLOGLAND love
into these quilts. 

Blocks can either highlight the DARK or the LIGHT.
It'll be fun to have a MIX of blocks.

Leave a comment and I'll send you my address.


  1. It's a great block! You are so ambitious to make one for all those graduates.:)

  2. What a loving gesture for your graduates. And you can't go wrong with a churn dash, in my opinion.

  3. These make great masculine blocks. When would you need them by?

    1. Good question!!lol!
      January or February. Ill firm it up later. It was a whim to ask people to join in!

  4. What a great idea!!! BOTH the blocks and the HS quilts! I'm going to do this!

  5. Plaid inspiration! and easy to follow instructions---what a great combo. Let me know your address and I'll send you some blocks too. Thanks!

  6. Whoohoo! Too cute! I'll try to send some by January. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make them, too!

  7. I'd be happy to make some blocks for you. I have a lot of homespun (yardage) and despite my resolve to not buy thrift-shop shirts, that collection is growing, too.

  8. Beth, I've been popping around on your blog, and have to say I just LOVE this! One, because I have so many nice plaids in my recycle stash, but, also that it's a nice way to use up those pieces that just aren't quite right for other things. Stripes are great in a quilt if the same is repeatedly frequently, I think, but not lots of varieties of stripes, etc. I think this project is perfect for a box of 'too big for a scrap and too small for yardage'. So glad you shared it, and so glad I stumbled upon it.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies


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