Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Work

Didn't know I'd be
adding a Big ol' name to this quilt today!
I didn't have quite enough of that lovely print for the BACK of my quilt!
I added a blue CHUNK
and it looked so LONELY.
I had to do something!
After ZIGZAGGING around all the letters....
I sandwiched it up
and I'm ready to QUILT!!!!
Had to pull out my old machine.
The ONLY machine around here that has zigzag!
I'm sure MS. Pfaff was happy to spin her wheels a bit!
Sometimes a problem turns into
a WONDERFUL opportunity!
I would NEVER have thought to put
that name in
if it hadn't been for the lack of FABRIC!!!
I love the FUN it adds to my quilt.
Did you hear me say LACK of fabric???
There's no LACK here.
Oh no sirree!
There might not be the RIGHT fabric...
but there's LOTS of FABRIC all right!!!


  1. today i played in my sewing room for the first time in....a year i think!!!
    and oh was it lovely to putter lack of fabric here either - it just had been lack of time, which has changed, so i can re familiarize myself with the lack!!
    great idea to add a name

  2. That looks awesome. I love the accidental addition of the name.

  3. So cute! And Kylie will love it even more because her name is ON it :)

  4. Perfect solution I love pieced backs

  5. I think any quilt taken to college should have their name on it... in big obvious letters. Way to go, Girl!

  6. aw, that name totally makes the back of the quilt! So special.


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