Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Progress report and thanks

Thank you friends.
It was so nice of you to stop by
and leave such SWEET comments
and encouragement yesterday!!!
Blogland is a very nice place to be.
This is where I decided to go with my son's quilt.

I cut the 1/2 yard pieces of the dreaded sports fabric
into 18"x18" squares.
I'm surrounding them with my free style log cabin blocks
that I had already pieced into columns.
Only two more sides to GO!!!


  1. Great! that is perfect for your son!

  2. It looks wonderful. When it is finished you will smile a big smile, 'cause he will be smiling an even bigger one.

  3. He will love it and that is what matters the most! Good for you!!!!

  4. He will love it. Bet he wears it out. You did good, dear.

  5. Oh nice! This makes those pieces of sports fabric visible as opposed to cut up in small pieces. Very nice. And well done to your son on completing his schooling.

  6. It's lots of fun! I hope you are having fun with it. I know it will be loved!

  7. it looks like a very fun quilt i'm sure your son will be thrilled with it

  8. That is the perfect solution, Beth, and it looks fabulous too. It's a win win!

  9. He's going to love it! A true treasure from mom with love. Congratulate the graduate for me.

  10. Oh, a wonderful, simple solution! It looks great, and I love the way the blues in the log cabins set off the reds and oranges in the sport fabrics. He's gonna love it! Congrats to the graduate!

  11. Beth, I read this post first and then the previous one where you explained your dilemma. I didn't even notice the sports-themed squares. I was just admiring the patchwork outlines. You are such a loving, good mama.

  12. I knew it-I knew it! I had NO doubt that you would put that fabric on the front for your son!! That is how you roll!
    You are a great mom! ;]


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