Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thoughts on Crochet and winners

I finally finished my zigzag afghan!
Let me tell YOU....
These guys take a LOT of yarn!
I'm a beginner.
I didn't realize the MAGNITUDE of my project...
Until I was INTO it!
It all started with some hand me down yarn.
This afghan became too big to lug around..
so the last half was done at home.
I was able to use the old yarn for MOST of the project...
but ended up buying a big ball of blue to finish it up.
Why did I make an afghan???

Because I tired of making dishcloths

I have ENOUGH scarves!!

After finding my big afghan too big to carry around...
I started this little baby blanket with some yarn from the thrift store.
DO NOT begin something unless you KNOW you have enough yarn.
I'm LEARNING about how much yarn different projects take.
It SEEMS I learn ONLY by experience

After being frustrated about the LACK of yarn to finish a blanket....
I bought enough yarn to complete a project.
This one took 4 skeins.

All this crochet represents the last few months of
SOCCER games, holiday TRAVEL..
and WAITING rooms.
Gotta LOVE those take along projects!
I used Mr. Random Generator
to choose
Winners of the little pincushion KIT
They are....
MaryEva and Michele T.
You will be getting this little KIT in the mail soon.

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