Monday, September 30, 2013


These cute little 5" squares were REJECTED.
NOT because I don't like them.
I DO like them!

They looked good to me when mixed in with
the rest of the squares I used.....

But when I began piecing them in here...
It only took a few little rips
and a little more cutting to find a nice SOFT alternative.
I KNOW they will eventually find a good home in a quilt.
Just. not this one.
It's a good thing I slept on it!
Sometimes I RUSH ahead and sew everything in
BEFORE I find out my MISTAKE.
This quilt is for a brand new baby.
I'm sure you can GUESS I already have a couple of baby quilts
All READY to be quilted!!!
I like to sew and think about the new baby.
The new mommy and daddy.
I like to say a prayer as I go......

Raising children takes LOTS of that!

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