Friday, May 31, 2013

UNfinished Friday

This quilt is NOT finished.
It's getting there!
This was a quilt-along I started
before I new better!

We were instructed to applique petals onto squares.
The last few directions NEVER appeared....
How do you get all the squares TOGETHER??
I ended up folding and trimming everything OUTSIDE
the circle and appliqueing each circle
onto a VERY BIG piece of muslin
setting them RIGHT next to each other
as I went along.
I began in the middle
of the VERY BIG piece of fabric...
folded a middle line and used that for my guide.

It worked PRETTY good.
NOT perfect.

I'm almost done!
I need a few more petals around the edge
to EVEN things out.
Can you see my pencil lines there?
A few more Thursday mornings
appliqueing petals onto this VERY big quilt.
It's not easy doing needle turn applique on a
VERY big piece of fabric!
Good thing I have a nice big TABLE to work on!

This one's ALSO UNfinished.
I had fun with someone's orphan blocks.
Made a few of my own to blend in.
ADDED a center.....
Kind of a backwards way to do it....
Should have appliqued in that WHITE space
BEFORE sticking it in the center.
AH WELL........
That's the way I think sometimes.  ;)

I plopped a recent project in the middle
just to SEE what it might look like.
I think I like it.
IF I make that applique design a bit bigger....
it JUST might work!!!
That's it for my

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