Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Red and Green

This is a Jelly Roll...PLUS...a little from my stash.
It has an old fashioned Christmas feel to it!

My husband heard me say Jelly Roll
and he hasn't stopped teasing me about it!
"You working on your Pizza roll??",  he'll ask.
"How's your sweet roll coming along??"

I was happy to use up some of that creamy old fashioned fabric
in the center there.
It fits RIGHT in!!!
Border...or NO border....???
that's what I have on my mind now!!

Two more houses, from Sharon and Jan,
are ready for a party!
We've got a GREAT neighborhood...
Don't you think?
I found out that in OUR neighborhood
MOST of you have your OWN sewing room!!
I'm in the minority!
I mentioned to a few of you
that I kind of LIKE sewing
in the MIDST of family life!!!
I just need a DOOR to hide the MESS!!!
Ah well...
Someday there'll be LOTS of room to sew
but.....NO kiddos!!!
Then I'll be missing THEM!!!


  1. What a great quilt! I love the old fashioned feel - simply perfect! And about having your own room when the kids are grown...that's where I am and I cannot bring myself to convert either of their rooms. So I continue to sew in front of the big window in our seams in our son's room...cut on the dining room table...and store fabric and use our daughter's bed for a design wall. :)

  2. You are in good company. Did you know that the renown quiltmakers/artists Jane Sassaman and Paula Nadelstern both used the kitchen table to sew their incredible quilts? The quilts are NOT about the sewing rooms, they are about you and your creativity.

  3. Very nice Beth. Did you use a pattern from a book?

    1. Sorry. I can't direct you to a particular pattern. I used an idea from a quilt class I attend. I began with the teacher's directions and then "did my own thing"... As usual! ;)

  4. Beautiful quilt!! Love the colors and the old-fashioned feel. And while I liked sewing at my dining room table, when the clutter started bothering me, I knew it was time to move to my own room - because if it's that bad, I know my poor hubby is going bonkers!!

  5. This quilt is beautiful, Beth! You are so talented!

  6. I love your red and green Irish chain! It's just perfect. Yes, a double border: narrow green, wider red. (Just my opinion, fwiw.)
    Nancy from joy for grace

  7. that is totally stunning, my ambition next year is to make a massive quilt from 2" blocks - if only it could be that beautiful love froogs xxx

  8. I love this quilt!! Beautiful colours and pattern it's funny that your husband teases you. Mine loves the term " quilt sandwich" . I have my own very small room but I also have a table set up in the main living area so I'm not always shut away in my sewing room - best of both worlds.

  9. What a pretty quilt! It does have an old fashioned feel. I like all the scrappy reds.

  10. Lovely Christnassy clours..

    Two more lovely houses too Beth..

  11. Lovely and heart warming. Double Irish Chain (?) LOL - your DH is funny!

  12. Two more houses are on the way. Hope you like them.

  13. This is just beautiful - so festive for the holidays. And the houses are so cute!!!

  14. Lovely jelly roll quilt! Nice houses, too.

  15. A beautiful quilt! I think that's the best Jelly Roll quilt I've seen! Good for you for making it in your own way!

    Your hubby is a funny guy! :D

  16. Gotta get my house built. One of these years, I plan to win! But at least I have fun trying!


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