Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sewing Room in MINIATURE!

While settling into our new trailer...
I decided the FIRST order of business was to stake my claim!

I needed to Find a small area that I could call my "sewing room"!!!
This small table and chair fit perfectly.....
but I needed an ironing board!

Hmm......This looks like an opportunity!

All it needed was an ironing board COVER!!!
I made a sort of fabric pillow case.....
and filled it with some batting that has heat resist foil in it.

I added a casing and elastic!
Now it's PORTABLE!

After getting my sewing space fitted up....
I finished this quilt top for an upcoming wedding gift.
I'm hoping to embroider the new couple's last name
and the wedding date in one of the white areas.
We'll see......

I made a couple of potholders for gifts.

I had packed so many scraps....
that I had enough to make some more for ME!!!
Last, but not least, I worked on a little girls dress.
Clothing construction is so FIDDLY!!!
Ah well.....
When things got rough.....
I just walked out the front door....
Took a DEEP breath....
and FELT the peace of nature
ALL around me!!!
Camping and Sewing
WERE definitely


  1. I can't believe yore camping and sewing! You really do never stop!

  2. Camping and sewing.... sounds like heaven to me!

  3. I'm so jealous I can hardly stand it! *grin*

  4. What a wonderful concept. Quilts on wheels.

  5. Sounds heavenly! You know, you got me hooked on pot holders now...

  6. Quite inventive I say!!! EnJoY :)

  7. Camping and sewing.....what a perfect combination. It looks like a sweet setup.

  8. Cute sewing space. All you need in miniature. Very clever, Beth. Lovely quilt. They will love it.

  9. I sew while my husband goes fishing. We have an 8ft camper on a diesel truck. I found a small Brother machine that weighs 11 lbs and it works like a charm. We have a solar panel on the roof and an inverter to plug the machine into. I cannot use an iron as it uses too many watts, but I use a wooden ironing stick and it works well enough on small projects. Mostly I make blocks to assemble at home. I have made twice as many quilts this year as I did last year.
    Happy quilting

  10. Looks like you have it all under control! The little Featherweight is perfect for camper sewing.

  11. Oh that looks just perfect......I bet the view is terrific too!

    Happy Sewing, you are so productive, that little iron board is just the nuts.

  12. Love the quilt on the bed in the background. I always carve out my spot when we camp. Sometimes it is outside.

  13. Well done! Your priorities are right on.

  14. What a great sewing space and I love your little Featherweight! Perfect for camping! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  15. I wonder if you could set up your machine outside....
    Brilliant solution for an ironing board. Enjoy your time camping!

  16. I don't think I ever would have thought to combine the two, but I love the idea!

  17. Now that is my idea of a perfect vacation. I keep trying to convince my husband that we could just rent a cabin somewhere and I could sew and he could, well, watch. Yeah, gotta come up with something for him to do while I sew!

  18. Wow! Look at all you got done! My kind of vacation. Great work!

  19. Looks like a great little space! Your quilt looks terrific.

  20. Great little space to sew. Sweet little quilt.

  21. That is awesome! Perfect little sewing space, and look how much you accomplished! I might even enjoy that kind of camping... lol

  22. Your little sewing space is incredibly efficient and I LIKE the potholders:)

  23. Great idea. I'd like camping that way.

  24. Beth, you are so funny! I love that you have a sewing space in your camper. How great is that! Love your potholders and your ironing board.

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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