Friday, July 13, 2012

Just one

A little block for Lori.

It is paper pieced.
Pattern here.

I'm in AWE of you quilters who make
WHOLE quilts using these
itty bitty...
teeny tiny...
perfectly pieced blocks!!!

YOU know who you ARE!!!

Not sure I will ever have the patience to do it!!!
I will say making this block
Humbled me..
and also made me want to TRY to MAKE one of those
AMAZING quilts!!!

I CAN make ONE block......
but a whole bunch???



  1. I'm with you there Beth. They are amazing. Cute block!

  2. It is a cute block... Beware! My hubs and I just finished pulling the paper off of an I Spy for our grandson to be... Took us 3 evenings to do the 6 rows that were left to do this time. (I was having so much trouble with it I put it away for 2 years.) I have a couple of blocks to fix, and paper pieced - that ain't easy after the fact. Whole quilt, okay, but that paper removal is why the quilt takes almost twice the time.

  3. I do love a challenge :0)
    Yep I'm one of those!

    Lovely block, who knew turning 50 could be so much fun?
    I look forward to seeing Lori's quilt completed. do you think she'll
    have it done while she is still 50?

    Happy Sewing

  4. I don't think I have a quilts worth of patients for this block. I admire anyone who does! :)

  5. I would never have the patience to do a whole quilt in blocks that size! It would end up as UFO or a wall hanging!

  6. I love the accuracy of the paper piecing. The colors are wonderful too.

  7. I do love the way small blocks look, but I think I love how quickly big blocks make a quilt even more!

  8. Try'll like it. I made a queen size lover's knot for my daughter's wedding quilt. It had something like 1,400 pieces and I remember thinking..what were you thinking! But it turned out spectacular.
    CathyC in Alberta


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