Wednesday, July 11, 2012


There I was...
Sewing REALLY big rings onto a sheet.
(This is a big flag for a children's program at church.)

I was dreaming about OLYMPICS.
Sewing Olympics.
I guess that's what a quilt show is...
 there's no gold medal for the FASTEST quilter..
Is there??
That's the one I would go for!!!

I had the cotton sheet on hand...
but had to buy the felt.
I used a BIG, big serving bowl to get the ring size!
Glad I HAD THAT!!!

Oh boy, I was feeling good about finishing this up!
I was feeling like the FASTEST quilter in the land!!!

I even found some thread around here that matched the colors!
Maybe there's an award for that too???
I was having fun in dreamland...


I cut the bottom off too SHORT!!!!
Double Ugh!!!

If you were my neighbor you would have heard me CRY!!!

Guess I'll be doing some UN sewing NEXT!!!

I can hear the announcer NOW!!!



  1. Oh Beth can't you just piece it back on?
    Or add more plain really won't show will it??

    and I give you a good medal for all the things you do for others :0) In the Olympics of life you'd definitely get the gold in more than one event!

    Happy Sewing

  2. Kim: Thanks for the encouragement to this "disqualified" quilter! :)
    It crossed my mind to add the piece back on the bottom...but I think the seam will stick out like a SORE thumb!!
    The only thing that I lost is TIME...and...I need a NEW SHEET! ;)

  3. ouch, More power to you. I don't think I could do the ripping. You must have the patience of a saint.

  4. An OLYmPiC medal is sooo over-rated I think! :)
    I would just piece the bottom back on as well.

    Disqualified...who can even spell it! lol... :)

  5. if you put an "extended" piece on the bottom AND the would look like it was meant to be......and the sore thumb would be the on disqualified.

    and the GOLD MEDAL winner is.....Beth of lovelaughquilt!!!

  6. Oh no! I hate it when I do that! You'll have it fixed in no time if I know you.

  7. Instead of taking off your rings individually what if you cut them out in one big piece and appliqued it to your new sheet. Then you could just go around the inside of the rings so it doesn't look baggy.

  8. I agree, just add a piece back on and give yourself a gold for creativity!

  9. Why not just sew back the piece that was cut off? Since you are already disqualified... it couldn't hoit.
    I'd vote for you as fastest and bestest.

  10. I think I would cut all around it to match the bottom "mistake" and then sew all of it back on as a border around it all. But I'm lazy like that and would NEVER even attempt all this in the first place. I tip my hat to you! Amazing.


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