Saturday, June 9, 2012

One block at a time

This quilt needs JUST two more stars.
Maybe you'll fill those blanks in???

I'm collecting star blocks to be made into quilts
for my local Veteran's Hospital.
Aren't these stars GREAT????
I love that they're ALL unique!

The deadline is July 1.
Still LOTS of time!!!

Details here.

There's also an other block collection going on here.

I think it's kind of fun to make ONE or TWO blocks
to be included in these donation quilts!!!

You learn how to make a different kind of block...
You're not committing to a WHOLE quilt!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Wait.....! My block is on the way! I sent it four days ago.....and it's arriving from Italy so....

  2. Such a nice looking red/white/blue star quilt coming together, Beth. A wonderful idea. I was glad I could help with a star. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help.

  3. I see my star in bottom right corner is pretty dark compared to the other backgrounds. Sorry about that.

  4. Yay - I see my block! It's going to be a great looking quilt!

  5. Glad my block made it to the party;). Looking forward to seeing the final result. Thanks for the chance to participate in something good.

  6. My wonky star should be arriving any day now...


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