Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again

While I was gone at camp with the family...
I had a little time to sew.
During FREE time I pieced this blue star.
It's the beginning of a queen sized quilt
for a family member who requested blue.
LOTS of people like blue quilts
and my STASH is PROOF!!
The blues are getting mighty THIN!!!
A GREAT reason to shop for more...
wouldn't you say????

During the meetings at camp I worked on quilting this baby quilt.

I was able to get QUITE a few 16 patches done....
I'll go back later and fill in the white sashing.
Probably NOT the correct way to do it...
It made it easier to FOCUS on the conference..
and not fret about stitching lines.

Sitting RIGHT next to me was an expectant mom
who may receive this one IF she has a girl!!!

She admired it...
and I had fun imagining her baby using it
as I stitched AWAY!!!

I had planned on using light GREEN embroidery floss on this one...
but didn't like it AT. ALL. when I began using it.

The white quilting thread is JUST right...
and I'm so happy I had it packed!!!

Sometimes what you THINK will work....
I'm learning to be FLEXIBLE.


  1. love the star......
    and of course the other ones too....

  2. "Sometimes what you THINK will work....
    Truer words have never been spoken! I'm so sure I can see perfectly in my head but just isn't the way I pictured it. LOL!

    I remember years ago at a quilt guild meeting someone said that blue quilts were the most popular but you know, I've found that pink quilts are always the ones that sell fastest.

    Love both your quilts with the postage stamp type centers!

  3. Definitely shop! You always make great blue quilts... I thought you would not run out of blue scraps. Glad you enjoyed camping and got some sewing done.

  4. Sweet!
    I do love to have busy hands
    and make nice things to give away too.
    Congrats to your new grad!

    Happy Sewing

  5. Welcome back! It looks like you made great use of your time though with some great projects.

  6. Love the star! So interesting with the tiny squares of different colors in the center. Love the pink, too.


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