Monday, May 7, 2012


Another graduate quilt finished!
Woo Hoo!!!
This quilt was a perfect "scrap buster".

This high school graduate (my niece)
wanted some purple in her quilt.
She got some purple...
some friends of purple!!

I added a purple binding
and a fun polka dot backing.

This quilt is heading off to college in the fall.

There is now a nice STACK of quilts Ready.....
 to head OFF to college with graduates.
They are quilted and binding is ON!!!

Only ONE more graduate quilt to go!!!
It's for my son who has THREE quilts on his bed
made by "you know who".

I'm not super motivated to make another! ;/
But I will.


  1. Wow... your sewing machine must be smokin' big time!

    Lovely quilt... it's gonna look great on a dorm bed!

  2. congratulations on a great quilt. how big do you make your college-bound quilts?

  3. I love this modern looking quilt. Great for a young girl.

  4. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift for a graduate (or four)!

  5. Woman, you are amazing and such an inspiration---can I come play at your house? ;)

  6. Great looking quilt! Great for a dorm room! You are awesome, Beth!

  7. Wow, you are fast! And I love all your color choices.

  8. How cute, now that is my kind of quilt just sew it together, mindless , scrappy, sewing. Adorable :0).

    Can you believe another school year is almost over! My goodness.

    Happy Sewing

  9. I think you had those all sewn together and even quilted before I even had my next project picked out ;) haha, just kidding. I'm hoping some of your swift abilities rub off on me...

  10. That backing is great - cute quilt! am also making a graduate quilt for daughter #2. I'm also curious about how big you make such quilts. Mine is maybe a little smaller than twin.


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