Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun Fabric!

The hardest part of a project is sometimes
CHOOSING the fabric.
I was overwhelmed with the choices
when I arrived at the fabric shop!!!!
I FINALLY settled on this one!

My friend Ellen had a birthday...
and since we prepare a meal for senior citizens twice a month...
an APRON seemed to be the perfect gift!!!!

You probably know......
I have PLENTY of fabric in my stash.
Nothing seemed QUITE right and....
I wanted to make this one SPECIAL!

I found a free pattern here.

I have lots of bias tape.
Good thing!!!!
This pattern requires 7 yards of it!!!!!
That's a lot of bias tape!

I love this apron.

Maybe I'll make one for me too!!!!
You think I have enough already????


  1. That's a lot of pretty aprons :D
    The new one is very nice, but so is the one you are wearing in the picture.

  2. What perfect fabric for an apron and what a darling pattern as well.

  3. That IS perfect fabric. Did you find it at our favorite fabric shop?

  4. What a great gift. That fabric is perfect for an apron.

  5. It's not enough until you think it's enough! Love the bias tape one you made.... I'll have to look up the pattern. Maybe everybody gets an apron next Christmas. It's something you can make personalized, and most of them cook or at least help. Thanks for the idea, Beth.

  6. That is such cool fabric - screams 'make me into an apron' - and you made up a beautiful one, too.

  7. I love the apron you made, perfect fabric. Thank you for posting the link to the pattern. I like that it says it looks good on everyone, there are a wide range of sizes in the possible recipients of an apron gift from me.

  8. Wow that apron is great. I have 2 aprons and both are store bought! I know, I should be ashamed!

  9. Perfect fabric, and I think it is great to have lots of aprons. That means you can have lots of help in the kitchen!

  10. Such cute fabric for an apron - your friend is lucky! and, I'm sure we'll see the scraps in a Beth quilt one of these days, too! :) Happy New Year!

  11. Excellent gift!
    I'm sure she'll wear it with pride and let all the love you put into it shine out!

    Happy New Year and Happy Sewing


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