Friday, July 22, 2011

Shaded four patch

Here's the nice soft quilt I'm plugging away on.
There is NO color contrast here....
Just soft, soothing comfort and
a mellow mood.

I'm kind of in the mood for mellow.
Life just gets TOO crazy sometimes!!

I did some googling research on
the shaded four patch...
and decided to make my own version.

Three squares.
5", 3", 2 1/2"

Cut the 5" and 3" in half diagonally.

Here's the layout.

Sew the top three together.

Add the bottom.

I like to trim instead of stressing about seam allowances
as I'm piecing. ;)

Trim to 4 1/2"x 4 1/2"

You'll have a leftover triangle.

This is the way I pieced four blocks together.
There are SO MANY ways to do this!!!
Have fun!
Change it!

I love the soft look.
Shabby chic?
The Perfect comfort quilt.

By the way...
In making this quilt I'm DIGGING!!
Going through my 3" and 2 1/2" square bags!
Pulling some soft colors.
YEAH! for using UP those pre-cut scraps!!!


  1. Yes, very shabby chic! Love it and that you are using up some scraps into a new pretty.

  2. Very pretty, Beth! And maybe exactly the inspiration I need for some pretty fabric i've got lying around..... Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Oh, I like that so much! Soft florals and batiks would be so sweet.

  4. This is one pretty quilt Beth- I love the soft fabrics. Isn't it fun to make a quilt from the scraps in one's collection. It is like creating a free quilt. I am sure that you are going to love this quilt when you are finished.

  5. Ouuuu, I like this : ). Always enjoy your blog too.

  6. You always amaze me!!!
    Love you to "pieces"!!!

  7. I love soft quilts like this - it's a nice change of pace! Lovely!

  8. That pattern is too cool... who said that all quilts should have high contrast?

  9. So pretty - I love low-contrast quilts. They are so snuggly, and already appear well loved :)

  10. This is a really pretty quilt, Beth!

  11. It is a pretty and soft quilt. You know I never would have chosen those fabrics separately but I love then all together in that pattern.

  12. I love this quilt. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Can't wait to try it. Hugs

  13. Loving THIS...beautiful. I'm digging for scraps NOW!

  14. Prettiest scrappy I've seen in a while. I'll be shopping for soft pastel FQ's now to begin this in the spring. I love it!


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