Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm attempting to make some pinwheels for my teacher quilt.
Did you notice the blue one wanting to go the wrong way??
My college girl majoring in Psychology reminded me...
"MOM, don't lay blame on the Block!
It was YOU who made it wrong. :)"
That's my girl.
That's also the girl who told me a while back
that I have a ONE track mind (quilting)!
Actually I had been thinking this week
"Wow! I don't think I've been talking to
the big girls too much about quilting..."
Before I could pat myself on the back another
thought hit me right upside the head!!!
I talk about.....BLOGGING!!!

I DO think about quilting a lot.

I also think about blogging a lot. It's a lot of fun to share with you!!

My library book selection is an indication where my

mind is!!!

I want to make one like this....

and this.....

Wouldn't it be nice to make this one???

I know my daughter still loves me...
she picked these!!
Have a happy quilting weekend!!


  1. I noticed the pinwheel wanting to go the wrong way, and tell your daughter that sometimes fabric has a mind of its own! At least, that's what I tell myself!!

  2. Oooooooo! I love the quilt that looks like flags/pennants hanging down over a striped background! Triangles are so versatile! But then, so are circles, squares, rectangles, etc. So many possibilities with quilting! And so much to THINK about!

  3. I have no idea what you're talking about; I never think about quilting.-)

  4. I love the 1000 Pryamid quilt and have been thinking of making one with some string blocks.

  5. it IS the blue one.....wanting to go a different way.... has nothing to do with YOU!!!

    we all know "some" of these things have minds of their own!!


  6. I have one of those Psychology majors too. They don't know everything yet. Pinwheels are known for their obstinate behavior... they think they can go whichever way the wind blows.


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