Thursday, April 1, 2010

red thread.

Today I'm giving you some more inspiration from Nancy.
It's all in red!

Isn't this sweet?

Did you know you could cross stitch on linen?

A whole FLEET of monograms and designs.

Nancy told me she was just getting ready to frame these.
Maybe I'll get a picture of that endeavor
next year when I visit!!

Here's a chair covered in some great fabric
she found when traveling!!

Nancy's husband comes from of a family of weavers.
This is a drying rack.
The perfect place to showcase lovely linens.

If you have a cross stitch collection....
You're sure to have a sampler!!!

More monograms and towels.

Red and white everywhere...
What's that?.....
Do I spy some black??

Here's Nancy's desk set.
All the clutter is hidden in here.
Goes to show....
You can sure do a lot with red thread!!!


  1. Lovely, lovely stitchery! Does she ever put her needle down?

  2. Beautiful redwork embroidery, and she displays it in such interesting ways.

  3. Wow. I love, love, love that red! (Sigh.) If only there were more time . . .

  4. I love those red towels! Red is such a cheery color---every kitchen needs a touch of it, I believe....


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