Monday, August 24, 2009

remember this apron?

This apron started it all.
I wrote about this apron a while back.
THEN, a friend admired it.
I made another and gave this away.
This weekend, my daughter mentioned she needed a gift for
a college friend who loves to cook.
I said, how about an apron?
I can whip one up today?

She chose the fabric and I did the work!
Love that pocket!

Here is the apron I made for myself when I gave that
first one away.
(Thanks to another daughter who modeled them for me.)

Then, my husband asked if I had any finished baby quilts for two co-workers.
He knows that I'm sewing ALL the time.
Yes! I did have two baby quilt tops
ready to be quilted.
This fabric is what I call hand-me-down fabric.
When people know you like to sew, they like to
give you fabric!
I rarely say NO!
These little pink and white squares came to me
Can't beat that!

Love the backing on this one.

Trying out a closeup of my so-so quilting. :)

some more quilting!

I also had this quilt top made from the scraps from my last
baby quilts.
I used flannel for the pieced front
Cotton for the back.
Can you see the nursery rhyme fabric on the back?
Too cute!


  1. Love the aprons and the quilts. Too cute.

  2. Your quilting looks really good to me!

    Love the blue baby quilt with the nursery rhyme fabric on the back.

    Thanks for sharing. Always fun to see what someone else is working on.

  3. Wow you are so amazing! Love the aprons!


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