Tuesday, July 28, 2009

two blog projects

I'm having fun quilting along with other quilters in blogland. Here are my two projects. The first is a 9 patch from a quilt along with crazy mom quilts, Amandajean. Everyone is supposed to make one 9-patch every day for 70 days. Actually I can't remember right now how many days - I know it's a lot! So-o-o I'm on schedule so far. Yeah! There will be some fun pictures on flikr of all the quilts people make.

This second little project is a sort of swap. Make 6 to 12 blocks and swap with other quilters. The pressure is on now...I better do a good job on my seams, etc. especially if it's going to a quilter. I think it's a lot less stressful giving quilts to non-quilters. I have already made these and now I am worried that they aren't quite right....oh well. Hopefully someone understanding will receive them. This swap just started so there's time to join in. Maybe you can be that understanding quilter that receives mine. :)

I better get back to husband and 2 of the kids will be home from a big backpacking trip tomorrow! Then it's back to Cooking and Cleaning. :)


  1. oh those are awesome!! I'm in the swap too - it's my first swap in over 2 years. I'd love to have one of your blocks - hope I'm put in your group. :)

  2. you're too kind! this is my first swap, so i was excited and got going on it right away:)

  3. Beth your 9-patch blocks are great! I can't wait to see all of them put together into one big quilt! I'm one block ahead~just in case! And I love your snowman block~enjoy your family's return!

  4. I'm in the Christmas Swap too, and I love your blocks. If I we were swap partners, I'd be very happy with what you sent me!


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