Sunday, February 10, 2013

woven bag

My heart has been divided recently.
Do I weave on the loom???
Or piece fabric on the sewing machine???

This time the loom won out!

I used some polyester black fabric
and some grey yarn for an accent.
I used a black crotchet thread
for the warp
and added some leather handles.

It's a GREAT weight for a bag!
This is the what the loom looks like "in action".
(my daughter making a table runner for her friend)
It rests against a table and you
*click * click* away!!!
I bought the loom online and have not regretted it!!!
It came with a small instruction book
and all that is needed to begin simple projects.
Mine is 24" wide.
I've been able to make things out of
the "uglies" that end up in our sewing rooms.
Turning "nothings" into "somethings"
really makes me SMILE!!!

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