Friday, February 11, 2011

t-shirt bag

I took a long drive to visit my cousin who's battling cancer today.
While driving solo I thought about t-shirts.
I know I've seen bags made out of t-shirts....
I wondered how it was done.
I had lots of time to plot and plan how I would do it.
It gave me a chance to solve a little problem instead of
thinking sad thoughts.

When I got home I destressed.
I sewed.
I made a t-shirt bag!!

If you have children you have lots of t-shirts.
  If you have children you also know there are lots of t-shirts that go
My kids seem to wear the SAME ones all the time.

I took two shirts about the same size and put one inside the other.

Here I cut holes for the handles and pinned.
I sewed along the bottom of the bag...of course...;)

I used a 2 1/2" bias binding and sewed it on the WRONG side
(around the handles)
then rolled it over and top stitched it down.

Here's the best part!
Stitch doodling!
Feed dogs down......
Darning foot on.....
I doodled a flower...
I trimmed the TOP layer off the petals
being very careful NOT to cut that bottom orange layer.

This was my play time today...
What was yours??


  1. Very cute! I've got a couple of t-shirts I love the print on, but don't like to wear - I can see a new future for them soon!! Today, after cleaning up the house, I cut out and arranged a new quilt on the design wall, then started putting it together.

  2. This is an AWESOME idea!! Thanks for sharing it!

    Teresa :o)

  3. Perfectly amazing idea! My SIL has talked about these before, but I didn't pay a lot of attentions. I'll have to make one now!

  4. Beth I tell you that book is calling out your Name!!!!!!!!

    OMG I love this idea!!!!!!

    Talent Pure Talent I tell you!!!!!!

  5. Supernice, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing

  6. You must be the most energetic stitcher I reat idea, and very clear instructions. Thank you.

  7. oops some letters missing from last post. Should read....I know. Great

  8. Sweet! I love the idea, gonna steal this! hahaha.

  9. This is a really adorable bag! I love the doodled stitching, too! I think it really "makes" the bag.

  10. Great bags! Too Cute! Prayers for your cousin.

  11. Fabulous idea! It looks like a great shopping bag.

  12. Fun....I've seen a few of these in use with some more decorations......names spelled out with the two layers of t-shirt material cut away the same as for your flower.

    Too cute
    Happy Sewing

  13. Very clever! Thanks for the tutorial. I was just looking at a similar pattern for recycling felted sweaters. The t-shirts are a nice alternative, especially for the summer.

  14. great job, very cleaver, will give it a go. thanks for sharing.

  15. how clever! Did you use regular woven bias binding on knit?

    I call that sewing therapy and I used to joke about it, but it's real and it helps me. I'm glad you could be with your cousin, and I'm glad you could find some joy in your day too.